Reiki New York

Our Story

Reiki New York is part of Nabi Su Tai Chi, Kung Fu & Wellness, which offers comprehensive options for whole-person well-being.

Master Carolyn Campora personally provides all Reiki sessions and classes at Reiki New York.

Carolyn Campora

Carolyn Campora received her Reiki Master Certification from Ibiki Ken Institute in 1996. She considers Reiki a vital component in wellness, a remarkably simple tool for improving mental outlook and health, a positive addition to anyone's self-care portfolio.

Her practice in holistic energy-based therapies includes Reiki, Resonance Repatterning (RR) and Astrology. In addition, she is a Consultant for Isagenix™ International Nutritional Cleansing.

Master Carolyn Campora teaches all Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes at Nabi Su. A martial artist with over 40 years experience, Master Campora teaches a regular weekly schedule of Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes at Nabi Su.


Master Campora's education includes the following: MBA in Finance, Cornell University; BA in Politics, University of California, Santa Cruz; graduate level art studies, New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture.

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